The 10 Best Bars in Bali

Bali is the undisputed home of the sunset cocktail. Why? It may be thanks to the many coastal vantages, or it may be those sweet warm offshore zephyrs you get June through August. All we know is, it takes more than a great cocktail to make a great Balinese bar.

  1. Azul Beach Club, Legian

One of Bali’s newer and trendier haunts, Azul Beach Club is an impressive bamboo structure offering unhindered views of the Indian Ocean. It’s fun to eat, drink, and lounge in the dedicated slow-go areas. There’s also a stretch of private beach (part of Bali Mandira Beach Resort) outside if the indoor bustle gets a little overwhelming.


  1. Woo Bar, Seminyak

W Hotel’s Woo Bar is a hotspot with younger travellers. The poolside bar is open from 10am, but the standard beach club revelry begins at 4pm, when celebrated local DJs play soft beats and the cocktails are 2-for-1. Stay well after sunset.


  1. Ku De Ta, Seminyak

Get to Ku De Ta early and put your name down for a day bed – once it’s yours, it’s yours for as long as you stay. And don’t forget your bathers; the infinity pool looks out over Seminyak Beach and is as irresistibly picturesque as you can imagine. Ku De Ta is a sophisticated place and Seminyak’s younger, more boisterous party people know it, so they’ll go elsewhere (like Woo Bar), and you’ll have peace and quiet.


  1. Potato Head, Seminyak

It’s easy to see why, in spite of its high-end status, Potato Head is regarded as Bali’s lovably ugly duckling. It’s in the weather-beaten shutter walls, which enclose the club in a breaking wave of coloured timber. The style reminds you more of a kids’ treehouse than an elite speakeasy serving some of the best food and drink in Bali, but make no mistake – that’s Potato Head to a tee.

Whatever you do, don’t leave without having a Millionaire Martini. It’s a passionfruit martini and a glass of champagne topped with passionfruit foam. A real tropical one-two punch.


  1. Cocoon Beach Club, Seminyak

Residencies by big name international DJs keep people flocking to Cocoon’s Sunday pool parties. This is a high-energy beach bar, which means the drinks are citrusy and the eats are spicy. Try the tapas on the rooftop terrace.


  1. Finn’s Beach Club, Canggu

Like Azul, Finn’s place is an elaborate bamboo beauty designed to let the sunset in. The infinity pool is 30 metres long and the waiters will serve you poolside, so you can stay as long as your sunscreen lasts.


  1. La Plancha, Seminyak

La Plancha does gourmet tapas by sunset. Pick a hyper-coloured bean bag on the beach, beneath the shade of a hyper-coloured parasol, and spend the afternoon pretending you’re royalty. It takes one glass of sangria and one of renowned owner Luigi Ferrara’s seasoned prawns to feel like they erected the entire beachfront just for you.


  1. Single Fin, Uluwatu

Go where the locals go. Or, in this case, where the surfers go. Before the world heard about it, Single Fin used to be an apres-surf wind-down. Now it’s a casual sunset bar with a lofty deck built out over the sea. Tourists love the no-frills spirit. Be sure to book a table.


  1. Old Man’s, Canggu

The menu at Old Man’s is inexpensive, fresh, and simple. It’s the place to watch people walking by on the street; to sip beers in the shade and marvel at the way the cars thin out as the sunset hours come. Old Man’s is a breath of fresh air if you’ve had your fill of Seminyak’s ultra-luxe bar scene. Not everyone’s trying to impress the pants off you, and there’s something liberating about that.


  1. Rock Bar, Jimbaran

If heaven has a bar, it looks just like Rock Bar. A cable car takes you to Ayana Resort & Spa’s iconic cliffside spot – it’s literally on a rock – and once you arrive, it’s a matter of making heads or tails of the sprawling drinks menu. Everything at Rock Bar is state-of-the-art, and an evening here with your special someone is well worth breaking the holiday budget.

What’s your favourite bar in Bali? Have you been to these bars? Share your stories here.

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