The only thing softer than the Fijian sand between your toes are the smiles of the locals, who are known worldwide for their welcoming and hospitable nature. Be one of the many Australians flocking to Fiji, but don’t worry: there’s enough room for everyone.

The Fijian waters good for snorkeling are, fortunately, the waters closest to major tourist centres and resorts. We’re talking almost 8,000 square kilometers of bright, kaleidoscopic, living colour, some of it as close to your room as the poolside bar. Hire the gear and pour the ocean for tropical fish endemic to the South Pacific.

Vitamin D, of course. Maybe there’s a correlation between the glorious, unobstructed sunshine and the overall happiness of Fijians. Test the theory.

Hang out with the locals on Fijian Time. Each interaction begins and ends with a cheery “bula”. Bula is fun because, as a greeting, it’s sincere and a little novel. Bula captures the essence of Fijian life, which runs on Fijian Time, which is the absence of practical timekeeping. All of which is to say that the Fijian locals always have time for “bula”, a conversation, and whatever funtime activity you’re feeling. Many Fijians are gifted with an affinity for music and dance.

Palm trees + sand + coconuts = happiness.

That’s Tourism Fiji’s formula for a fulfilling life. How do you beat that? You can’t.

Explore and chase a luxury experience.

Fiji is made up of over 300 islands and one of the most popular spots is Denarau Island, which hosts luxury hotels like Sheraton, Sofitel, Radisson and Hilton. Whether you’re a 5-star traveller looking for a touch of luxury or a family seeking a new holiday destination the kids will enjoy, Denarau has something for everyone. Many family resorts also have dedicated adults-only areas.

Go at the right time, which is pretty much any time.

Fiji is a year-round destination but there are distinct seasons which slightly affect the weather. The warm season is from November to April and the cool season is from May to October. Temperatures are generally quite warm and even in the cooler months the average temperature still stays around 22 degrees.

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