Getting lost, losing connections, not being able to communicate – a trip can turn quickly. If you’re not prepared, unplanned hurdles can undo all the time and money you spent getting where you are. From clothing needs to adventure scheduling and intercontinental communication, it pays to keep these apps beside your wits.

Pack Point, for when you can’t figure out what to pack

 The kind of holiday you’re taking dictates how you pack. Backpacking mandates a backpack. When hotel-hopping, wheelable luggage means you can carry more stuff. These ubiquitous rules impose limitations, and limitations are always a good place to start.

Pack Point works the same way: around what you don’t need, so you can figure out what you do need. Process of elimination. Input your gender, destination, the nature of your trip (business or pleasure), and a few activities you’re likely to do while you’re away, and Pack Point will give you a list. You can follow that list or use it to cull your inventory further.

Pack Point – Android and iOS


Trip It, for when you need to stay on schedule

Common travel m.o.: you want to make the most out of your trip, so you’ve packed your itinerary fuller than your suitcase. Fine; you may need a virtual assistant to keep on top of things. Don’t get stuck rummaging through all of your bags just to find the receipt or ticket you need when standing in line for your next flight, or when trying to check-in to your hotel. Trip It works simply: it’s the “I can’t find my flight number” app that will store all of your important information and details in one handy place. You can even access your plan and tickets when offline, so no big data charges. May as well have it.

Trip It – Android and iOS, for when you get lost

 Google Maps, right? Wrong. Wi-Fi isn’t everywhere. Internet comes and goes unpredictably. is an offline alternative with an archive of detailed maps – including nearby points-of-interest – helping you navigate almost any location around the world. – Android and iOS



 WiFi Finder, for when you absolutely can’t switch off

Today’s world being what it is, if you’re not in range of a Wi-Fi signal, you’re probably near being in range of a Wi-Fi signal. WiFi Finder will tell you where the nearest ones are, how strong they are, and how much they’ll run you (if they cost you at all). It’s map-integrated too. Simple.

WiFi Finder – Android and iOS


Google Translate, for when you don’t speak the language

The always-accessible Google Translate allows you to translate words between 90 languages. Plus it can translate from voice, keyboard and even from pictures (for when you need to know what that confusing street sign actually means).

Google Translate – Android and iOS


Trover, for when you don’t know where to go next

 Trover asks users to compile bucket lists using must-see sights they visit on their travels. So when you go to a tourist hotspot, you’ll find a curated list of secrets and splendours you may not find in guidebooks and tourism pamphlets. Decide in a moment if the bar around the corner is right for you, or keep searching. It’s a new way of adventuring and it’s fun.

Trover – Android and iOS


Tipulator, for when you need instant maths skills

 Working out sums in your head at a moment’s notice can be hard, especially when you’re dealing with foreign currencies. Cabbie’s got his hand outstretched, and traffic’s building up behind you – don’t wait; pull out Tipulator, give him his due, and save a little face.

Tipulator – iOS


TravelSafe Pro, for when you have an emergency in a foreign country

Instant access to emergency services numbers for almost every city, country and locality in the world. Simple peace of mind.

TravelSafe Pro – Android

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