It’s virtually impossible to choose the wrong Fijian holiday, but if you’ve got a firm idea of what you want, you know it’s possible to pick one that’s more right than the others. Here’s a bit of help.


The family-friendly option – Denarau Island

Denarau is the family island. The resorts on Denarau are equipped to cater better to families. Properties like the Hilton, Sheraton, and Radisson Blu are cognisant of kids – the fun they want, the space they need – so you can expect bigger swimming pools, dedicated play sections, and beaches with prime watersport accessibility. Denarau is located just off the main island of Viti Levu and is connected to the nearby Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands. Sail with the kids to atolls, coves, and sandy hideaways.

A cab from Nadi Airport will get you to any resort on Denarau.


The solitude-seeker’s option – Yasawa Islands

It’s easy to get to the Yasawa Islands, but only by boat or seaplane, which gives the whole system a remoteness attractive to older guests. If you’re part of a sun-seeking couple looking for a romantic getaway, you’ll find lovably quaint shack-style lodgings by the sea and more upscale resorts set back off the beach. Yasawa is about island living at its most basic, so you won’t find bustling shopping centres and guided tours, but the snorkeling and hiking ops are some of the best in the South Pacific.

Seaplanes, helicopters and ferries operate out of Denarau daily. Ask your resort concierge about organising a day trip there.


The nature-lover’s option – Kadavu Island

Home of the Great Astrolabe Reef, a technicolour coral shelf filled with endemic sealife, Kadavu Island promises to connect you with your gaian side. The layout is simple: sprawling rainforest wilderness in one direction, endless aquamarine sea in the other. Watch for birds, spot fish, laze in the sand. It’s known as a place where time slows to a crawl. Live it up in the heavenly vacuum.

Fiji Airways run flights to Kadavu from Nadi and Suva, or you can get a ferry from Suva.


The party option – Mamanuca Islands

 Not far from Denarau and Viti Levu, the popular Mamanuca Islands are Fiji’s party chain. There you’ll find monolithic hotels, bars, clubs and restaurants. When young people go to Fiji, they choose the Mamanucas; the hotels are a retreat from the entertainment bustle, which means you can party by night and relax by day. For point-of-interest-hunters, Cast Away and Survivor: Fiji were filmed there. Folks are happy to show you where.


The history-buff’s option – the Lomaiviti Group
Fiji has a dense colonial past. Of all the Fijian islands, the Lomaiviti Group has preserved these roots best. Uncover cultural sights, historical relics, and age-old customs with fascinating origins. The place itself is quaint and bucolic, but you’ll find resorts and luxury comforts in good supply. When you’re not relaxing, make a pilgrimage to Lavuka, the country’s first capital and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fly or ferry to the Lomaiviti Islands from Nad

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