Tropical North Queensland is where one big rainforest meets one big sea. With world famous beaches, spectacular scenery and the freshest seafood available in all of coastal Australia, it’s easy to see why this area is visited by over 2 million people per year.

  1. Mossman Gorge and the Daintree

Seekers of breathtaking scenery should take a drive to the Daintree National Park. The World Heritage-listed site is filled with sprawling rainforest wilderness, clear rivers and a storied past.

Mossman Gorge lies in the southern part of the Daintree, about 20 minutes from Port Douglas. Here you can take a guided rainforest tour, swim in a freshwater lagoon or walk the many walking tracks and suspension bridges.

  1. Port Douglas

This friendly beachside town is home to a dazzling mix of dining options, watersports, and stunning scenery.

Visit the world famous Four Mile Beach. At its top end you’ll find the Flagstaff Hill lookout. Five minutes up to the top and you’ll get to enjoy the beach from up high.
Be sure also to see the cane toad races at IronBar. You may get the chance to compete, and and winners are promised kisses from their amphibian teammates. Fun!
Organise a fresh seafood dinner on the marina. On The Inlet is an established favourite with locals. Bid pleasantries to George the 250-kilogram groper while you’re there. He stops by daily at around 5pm for feed.

  1. Palm Cove

Day spas, pier-fishing for fat mackerel, acclaimed fine dining: Palm Cove is sophisticated, quiet, and vibrant in a distinctly northern Australian way. You’ve got the chance for world-class pampering, and the palm-lined paths by the beach make for great evening walks arm-in-arm with your beau or belle.

  1. Great Barrier Reef

A trip here is more or less a certified must. It’s a natural world wonder; you can swim with turtles; you can explore a world covered by infinite, subaquatic quiet. Should seasickness stop you from heading out on the water, choose the Reef Sprinter; it’ll get you out on the water twice as fast as the passenger-laden dual-outboard ferries. No rolling around in the chop.

  1. Skyrail Cableway & Kuranda Scenic Railway

The Cableway will carry you up over the canopy of the rainforest. The trip is about an hour and a half long and includes a couple of stops along the way. If heights aren’t your thing, the Scenic Railway may be a more relaxing option. Built over 120 years ago, the train winds its way through the tropical mountain ranges between Cairns and Kur

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