Only 200 of the world’s richest and best-connected people have the money to buy a permanent residence aboard The World, a cruise ship with luxuries designed to defy comprehension. When the sea is your home, extravagant expeditions are the norm.

  1. There are only 165 residences aboard the ship, and they’re able to occupied by anyone involved with the ship’s operation, including the captain, waiters, chefs and housekeepers. The residences come in three sizes: Studio, Two-Bedroom and Three-Bedroom. The information we’d all like to know – cost, availability, and notable residents – is kept under wraps.


  1. A residential advisor helps you decide – or decides – if you’re eligible to live aboard the ship. Details aren’t clear, but it’s understood you must be a person of high affluence and unshakable repute. That’s a fitting criteria for a lifestyle that suits approximately 0.00001% of the population.


  1. The ship never stops cruising. It docks in the world’s most high-profile locations according to a schedule, but it’s in operation 365 days a year.


  1. The residents and the captain decide where the ship goes. The World’s got a feature-packed itinerary this year: Flinders Island, Antarctica, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Hawaii, Mexico, Florida, and more.


  1. The World has a special enrichment program which includes expert-led adventures, lectures, workshops, and special themed events. Recently a party of explorers made an off-ship expedition in East Greenland. What did they discover? It’s top secret, presumably.


  1. Everything’s done for you. Meals are chef-prepared. Staff do the laundry, dry-cleaning and room cleaning. The ship just runs, and every few days, you get the pleasure of waking to a new view.

Explore The World and its many delights in greater detail here – and dream on.

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