The towering cascades of Europe, majestic though they may be, are perfectly content to remain secret. That only means you’re going to have to explore. Revealed, each site is worthy of a priceless landscape.

  • Skogafoss, Iceland

Reaching Skogafoss requires a day’s trekking along a path walled by frosty mesas and vegetation of medium-to-high density. The falls are worth the slog. Besides the waterfall itself, you go there to see the mini-rainbows. They’re created daily by a mix of sunlight and rising mist and they’re famous.

  • Goðafoss, Iceland

Shaped like a J, the spectacular Goðafoss falls run year-round. That means an uninterrupted supply of brilliant turquoise water, pure as a gemstone, infinitely ready to inspire awe in visitors.

  •  Keila Waterfall, Estonia

Where sheer natural beauty meets industrial practicality. Keila’s supply runs into a hydroelectric power plant located just downstream from the precipice. When you go see the falls, go see the park nearby and learn about how it all works – it’s quite something.

  • Rhine Falls, Switzerland

The Rhine Falls make up the largest plain waterfall in all of Europe. They’re big, majestic, and you can sail across them aboard a specially-made viewing platform. You’ll get wet, but if local stories are to be believed, that’s how you absorb the magic. See if it’s true.

  • Cascate delle Marmore, Italy

The ancient Romans built this 270-foot-tall plunge waterfall thousands of years ago. It’s a testament to the ingenuity of the human spirit, and represents a coalescence with nature harder and harder to find in the modern world.

  • Plitvice Waterfalls, Croatia

With lush greenery and vein-like fissures carrying hyper blue waters down into Croatia’s lowlands, the beauty and scale of Plitvice defies expectation. The wonder is amplified when you see it in real life.

  • Veil Waterfall, Hungary

Veil Waterfall’s construction is small and unassuming, but that’s precisely why it’s so highly-sought. You simply don’t find serenity like this in Europe by ordinary means. Head to Szilvasvarad, diverge from the worn path, and experience a true escape

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